Praying in Crisis by Dr. Charles Stanley

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Listen to this powerful audio message over and over by Dr. Charles Stanley on the power of prayer and praying in a crisis. This message was previously recorded, but this message is as effective today as it was in the past. We wish you well and hope this uplifting and encouraging message gives you peace and confidence in your circumstances through the Lord Jesus Christ!

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We posted this video with permission by InTouch Ministries with their creative commons flagging on this video. Here is the link to the original video posted on YouTube March 21, 2020:

We are thankful to InTouch Ministries and Dr. Charles Stanley for continuing to teach people about God's word and the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. If you want to learn more about InTouch Ministries, check out their YouTube channel for more teachings, sermons and devotionals:

Thank you for tuning in, stay safe, and God Bless you!
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