Coronavirus An Interview with Dr Charles Stanley

We want more people to know everything about this epidemic, which covered almost the whole world, and how to protect ourselves from this terrible disease.
We are introducing more and more measures to combat the spread of this disease, from thorough hand washing to self-isolation and national restrictions. But do we know how coronavirus affects our body and how it is transmitted?
I wish all patients a speedy recovery.
The whole world is with you.
Video posted March 27, 2020 on the chanel In Touch Ministries►
Be sure to trust trusted sources of information:
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World Health Organization ►
About the video: It’s understandable to feel worried and afraid during times of crisis. In this interview, Dr. Stanley addresses how the coronavirus pandemic has brought a new focus on our need of God, and how believers should have unshakable faith in His Word and almighty provision throughout such situations. And he especially emphasizes how in uncertain times in society, we should pray more and turn to God’s Word.
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